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Sc-ARRRF of the Month

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Doggie Bandana Scarfs of the Month

Receive 3 Scarfs Every Month

Each month you'll be automatically mailed 3 awesome new dog bandana scarfs, and the fun will be a surprise!!!

Personalize Your Scarfs

Enter your dogs size and gender below and each month they'll receive 3 home-made bandana scarfs to go with that month's theme. For example, if it's March, our theme will be a combination of St. Patty's Day, Luck o' the Irish, Green, etc. 

Our bandanas are usually uni-sex in style. However, for certain months like February (for Valentine's Day), April (for Spring), December (for Christmas), etc., some bandana scarfs may be a little bit more feminine for girls and masculine for males so we want to make sure we know what exactly you want so you and your pooch are happy campers! :)

Also, in the notes section, feel free to leave us any notes such as your preference for holidays (for example, if you are Jewish, let us know so we send you hanukkah bandana scarfs instead of Christmas bandana scarfs).



We have 3 sizes:

Small - length is approximately  14" - 22"

Medium - length is approximately  18"-25"

Large - length is approximately  20" - 28"

For only $10/month, your beloved pooch gets 3 surprise hand-made bandana scarfs to show off every month!

*Not sure if you want to join the Members Club yet? Want to test it out first? You can always sign up for one month. 

We use 100% cotton. Machine wash the scarfs on normal with cold water. Tumble dry.