NannerFest 2019

First Off, What is a Nanner?

“Nanner” my dear friend, is slang for Banana.

Bullies and Bananas:

A Bullie and His Banana. Most Bullies go bananas for their treats, and come to find out one of their favorite treats just happens to be bananas. Who would have guessed that these two would go together? Furthermore, we never anticipated that Bullies and Bananas would become so iconic in our community. It’s hands down, pretty awesome!  

The Birth of Nannerfest Bullmania

Nannerfest got its start back in early 2015 on Instagram. Most of us were a part of the same virtual tribe. Tribe refers to a community of people who share common interests, ours being the immense love for our dogs, mainly the Bullie Breed, and more specifically, English Bull Terriers. However, our tribe has grown exponentially to include any breed of dog who loves Bananas.

We started to notice a common theme amongst our Bullies; they loved Bananas and boy did we have fun taking pictures of them eating their Nanners. We started noticing more and more of our tribe posting pictures of their dogs feasting on Nanners. Was this just coincidence? I think not. It was the inception of something amazing, that would make a difference, and band us together. This was our push.

One thing led to another. Inspiration and creative ideas paid a visit to one of our tribe members – Summer Carstens (aka @MrBrownBT on Instagram), and she ran with it. This ultimately led to the creation of Nannerfest. With the suggestions and feedback of some buddies  we were able to bounce ideas off one another and ultimately come up with a fundraiser to help rescue dogs with our fun Banana Theme.

Check out the Nannerfest Story written by one of our awesome tribe members, Patti M (aka @Sniblets1 on Instagram) HERE. 

In The Beginning, there was Banana and it Was Good

Summer, the creative mastermind of our group, designed the Nannerfest Logo, set up a storefront to sell the shirts and banana themed bandanas, and a photo contest was held to raise awareness for Rescue Dogs. It was the first year of Nannerfest so we tried stay realistic with our expectations. We didn’t think we would get a huge showing. We anticipated that we’d get a good number of our tribe participating in the Nannerfest Photo Contest, but we were blown away by the actual number of people who participated in the photo contest and who donated to the cause. I guess it goes to show you that realism doesn’t have a place when you’re on a mission from dogha!

The First Four Chapter End

Through Nannerfest 2015, we were able to donate several hundred dollars to the Bull Terrier Rescue, Inc. and the Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue Organization. We were able to raise awareness for Rescue Dogs.


In 2017, we donated a total of $1,756.60 between the Bull Terrier Rescue Organization, Inc., Don't Bully My Breed, Second Chance Rescue, and to help Bull Terriers like Kobe who had emergency medical needs. 

In 2018, we donated a total of $1,781.00 between the Bull Terrier Rescue Organization, Inc.; Operation Delta Dog, Inc.; Pet Aid Columbia; and the NannerFest Fund. 

We had a blast sharing photos of our dogs and their Nanners. And we expanded our community and made some strong connections.  Nannerfest is truly an amazing experience and a special cause.

A Fifth Chapter Begins

This year 2019, we are hoping to have some more fun with our Bullies and Bananas. We’re hoping to raise more donations and awareness for not only Rescue Dogs, but all dogs of all breeds in all kinds of needs. 

Each year we try to add new items to the mix. This year we are keeping it "simple", going back to our roots in a sense and focusing more on the cause, our dogs (cats, squirrels, lol you get it), and our community. We are genuinely honored to have Patrick and Sara O'Connell with Bully Doodles working with us and creating this years design. The NannerFest 2019 logo is based on the Chinese 2019 Year of the Pig...because Bull Terriers are often called Pig Dogs, Piggies, etc. Pat even designed the bull terrier to look like our sweet Angel, Dexter!

Bananas for Everyone!

If you are a Bullie or Bull Terrier enthusiast, have a dog that loves Bananas, or simply wanting to help a great cause, then checkout Nannerfest Bullmania 2019 at . Our storefront will go live on April 19, 2019. You’ll have till June 7th, 2019, to get your orders in. July 21st kicks off our 2 week NannerFest Photo Contest. 

Be sure to wear your Nannerfest T-Shirt or Tank top and post pictures of you and your Banana Loving doggie on Instagram with #nannerfest2019  and #showusyournanners (and tag @nannerfest between June 21st and July 6th, 2019. More details will be posted on our official Instagram page @nannerfest

One Banana at a Time

We are all so different. That is what makes our world beautiful. One thing that brings us together is bananas, a fun treat that many bull terriers, bullies, and other dogs love. We want to help other dogs find happy homes where they can eat their bananas too. Let’s do some good and be a part of something meaningful through raising awareness and donating to rescue animals. Let’s build some connections and have a sublime and memorable experience.  

This year, we'll be donating to the following non-profit organizations to help Rescue Dogs in need:

Live Like Roo

Bull Terrier Rescue Australia 

Texas Gulf Coast Bull Terrier Rescue 

NannerFest Fund

Last year we started the Nannerfest Fund and have been able to help a lot of dogs out.  There are always animal rescue situations that come up that we would like to help contribute to and we have decided to start doing that this year. Sometimes a family has trouble paying for an emergency operation for their animal or there is an animal in dire need of temporary housing until a foster can be found. We have decided as an organization to dedicate 25% of the funds we raise this year to helping where we can for those in need. As always, we will be completely transparent with all of you with where these funds will be directed. Our goal is to eventually become a non-profit and this is one step closer to that goal.

Important Dates for NannerFest 2019:

April 19, 2019 - NannerFest online store opens, you can start placing orders

June 7, 2019 - NannerFest online store closes at Midnight EST. 

June 21, 2019 - NannerFest Day!

June 21st - July 6th - Photo Contest (see photo contest details HERE)


Thank you to everyone who has supported Nannerfest each year - it means the world to us and to all the animals who have received aid these past few years 

Our Bullies are Bananas, but we are Bananas for all dogs!  I believe Gwen Stefani said it best“This S#!t is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S”, and yes, the number of dogs in rescue and adoption shelters is B-A-N-A-N-A-S! We can’t save the world, but we can save those that mean the world to us. Let’s make a difference, one Banana at a Time.