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Home of EOD Stuff and BombBullie

BombBullie, currently located in Niceville, Florida but founded in Oceanside, California!

Here at BombBullie, we pour our heart and soul into creating awesome apparel, products, and services for the EOD community and the adventurous and passionate dog lover!

We passionately create & make clothing, art, apparel, dog leashes and collars, and the sorts. And we strive to create a great experience for you and a lasting relationship with you. Through BombBullie, we are able to support some great causes such as Warfighter Made, Operation Delta Dog, Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue, and to various dogs and veterans in need. 

Our mascot, Bomb the Bullie is the embodiment of some of the most amazing souls I've come to and human. My husband is an EOD Tech (Explosive Ordnance Disposal, aka Bomb Squad) and through his many years in the USMC, I've had the privilege of being around some amazing EOD Techs (and their bada$$ families); some of whom gave the ultimate sacrifice, some of whom are Combat wounded warriors, and many others who are defending our freedom.  

BombBullie is my tribute to the amazing EOD Techs, their families, my Bull Terrier family and friends, and the love I've witnessed through each and every one aforementioned. 

BombBullie's Main Three Missions:

We have quite a few missions, but our main three are:

1) Create an awesome community where people who treat their dogs as their family can connect, get awesome dog related tips, and have access to quality dog products and services for all of their adventures!

2) Create an awesome community for the already strong EOD Techs, Families, and friends. To provide quality apparel and "stuff" to EOD Techs and their families. Everything you see here for EOD Stuff is made by EOD Techs and their Family. 

3) To give back to dogs and their humans via Reiki. Reiki is energy healing and it helps balance your dog's energy and can heal their emotional, physical, and mental body and even traumas. Dogs give so much to us, they literally take on our issues (energetically). I want to help remove that load from them through energy healing. Sounds "woo woo", I know, but if you think about it, it's all science. I can totally nerd out on it, dare me... ;)

What Exactly Does BombBullie Make:

Paracord Dog Collars, Leashes, and Harnesses

We hand make custom paracord dog collars, leashes, and harnesses. From cobra to kind cobra knotting and from classic dog collars all the way to martingale dog collars, we can do it all. And it's pretty awesome to see that color combinations people come up with! Check out our Paracord Collection Gallery HERE

Bull Terrier T-Shirts and Adventurous Dog Lover T-Shirts

We love all dogs, but have a sweet spot for our Bull Terriers and the Bullie breeds. However, Bull Terrier Shirts are not all you will see on in our store. We make shirts, tank tops, and more related to the BombBullie Lifestyle. 

What is the BombBullie Lifestyle you ask? It's a state of mind and a way of life.  We appreciate life and each other and we have a hell of a fun time living an adventurous, meaningful, and full life...with our dogs! We strongly believe that dogs are not our property, but they are our family, best friends, protectors as we are theirs.   Our BombBullie t-shirts and clothing reflect our love and appreciate for our dogs and our adventures with them. And we use extremely comfortable clothing for all of our apparel lines. 

EOD Clothing

As aforementioned, we design and make EOD Clothing. Our shirts are designed by EOD Techs, their family, and their friends.  And we use nothing but the best inks, t-shirts, and other materials to make quality shirts that are "da-bomb"!

We also do custom orders and unit t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, etc. For more information and/or to "get the ball rolling", email us at 

EOD Art and Customized Pick Axe, Axes, and Oars

Veteran EOD Tech Anthony Calloway specializes in hand making custom EOD Art. He hand paints vintage EOD Character Art of all branches, he can customize any military and EOD related painting for you, and he hand crafts EOD wooden oars, Pickaxes, and axes. He is truly talented and passionate and you will be blown away with what he creates for you. 

Want to know more about us? Check our Crew out HERE

Kellie and Hera Skateboarding

Supporting Some Great Causes:  

To contribute further, we donate 10% of BombBullie proceeds to Operation Delta Dog, the Recycla-Bull Terrier Rescue  and various dogs in need. 

We donate 10% of EOD Stuff proceeds to Operation Delta Dog and Warfighter Made

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